Penny for your thoughts
Deborah Colston
Memories of learning to knit with Mom
Leap of Faith
Anne Marie Beattie
Fairies and daydreams
Mr Tumnus
Wendy Rinehart
Character from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe books
Medieval Music
Martha Boers
Memories of knights, maidens and storybooks
Elaine Nichols
Based on a childhood song "Don't know what lonesome is until you're herding cows"
My Dancing Dream
Diana Bennet
Remembering the dancing lessons
Marianne Reitsma
Floppy toys and happy friends
Banbury Cross
Heather Byrne
Soft dolls and play toys
Pam Davy
Fun creating!
The Maasai Girls
Peni Dyer
Enjoying the end of childhood at age 13