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Defender of the Dragon Egg

A mythical Samurai maiden in full traditional armour, holds a dragon egg and watches as the hatchling emerges. She will defend him until he is old enough to fend for himself.

Media: Head, hands and feet of Super Sculpey, on a wire armature with a cloth body. She has long black human hair. She wears fur boots tied with red ribbons. She wears pants and short kimono of blue silk brocade. Her body armour is made of pieces of metal laced together with cording. She has a belt of cording which holds a sword. Her helmet is made of leather and pieces of metal laced together with cording. She wears a blue satin coat with a yellow and orange dragon embroidered on the back.

Props: She holds a bow, and on her back is a handmade leather quiver with arrows.

Height: 46 cm (18")

September 2000

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