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Medieval Maiden with Dragon

The lovely longhaired maiden stands on a rocky outcrop, not at all frightened of the giant dragon who rests his claw on her shoulder.

Maiden: Head, hands and feet of Super Sculpey, on a wire armature with a cloth body. Long dark blonde mohair with a circlet of flowers. She has cream brocade under sleeves and skirt, edged with pink and blue trim. Her dress is a pink cotton with blue and gold trim, and laces up the front with a fine blue cord. Her belt is made from golden bracelets.

Dragon: Entirely sculpted of Paperclay over a wire and aluminum foil armature. Wings are sewn from fabric, inserted onto wires, then have the tops sculpted over with Paperclay. Hand painted with acrylics. He wears a wide leather collar with gold beads and silver studs. The collar has a long chain leash, which the girl holds in her left hand. The base is built up of wood, paper mache, painted with acrylics and strewn with turkey bones.

Height: Maiden 38 cm (15"), Dragon 71 cm (28")

January-September 1997

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