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Pied Piper

All through the night, the Piper's music could be heard accompanied by the terrible sounds of splashing and squealing, until by sunrise every last rat in Hamelin had been drowned.

Media: Head and hands of Super Sculpey, legs and shoes of coloured Sculpey III, on a wire armature, with a cloth body. He has golden blonde mohair. protruding from under his red silk hat with red brocade brim and yellow feathers. He has a red brocade tunic with gold trim, red brocade puffed sleeves with orange and red silk ribbon trim. His lower sleeves are a gold brocade. He has a ragged dirty orange cotton cloak tied with gold cords

Props: He holds a gold wooden pipe with silk ribbon streamers. The rats are Super Sculpey on wire armatures and painted with acrylics.

Height: 30 cm (12"

January 2001

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