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Rembrandt's first wife dresses in a rich German-style gown to represent Flora: the subject for her husband's next painting.

Media: Head, hands, and feet of Super Sculpey, on a wire armature, with a cloth body. She has reddish blonde curly mohair. She is based on the painting "Saskia, as Flora". She wears a cream with gold underskirt, edged with gold lace, gold fringe, and beaded flower petals at the hem. Her overskirt is a soft gold/green with a gold lace edging. Both skirts have the "gathers" stitched to hold them in place. Bodice is matching green velvet with a wide gold waistband. She has gold lame and dark green velvet striped upper sleeves, and voluminous gold/green lower sleeves, which were hand-stitched to make the folds match those in the painting.

Props: Saskia carries a bouquet of fabric flowers and holds a vine-entwined walking stick. A beaded necklace and circlet with veil, and flowers in her hair, complete the look.

Height: 43 cm (17")

Award: 1997 - First Prize - Original doll, direct sculpting - Santa Fe Doll Art 97

December 1994

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