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Secret Rendezvous

The handsome young captain returns from battle to find his beloved waiting for him in the secret rose garden.

Media: Head, hands and feet of both figures are of Super Sculpey, on a wire armature, with cloth body. The girl has very long brown mohair tied back over left ear, and with a braid on the right. Her sleeves are of pale blue brocade with lace at the wrists. Her dress is purple velour with blue embroidered edge and silver beading, and laced up the front with purple cord. The long hanging sleeves are lined with gray brocade. She wears a silver and purple beaded belt, and holds a single paper rose. The man has dirty blonde mohair and a sculpted beard. He wears green pants and brown leather boots. His sleeves are quilted with bead "studs", and he wears brown leather wrist guards. His tunic is olive green, over which he wears a brown leather jerkin with a gold painted design on the front. He has a green wool cloak held with leather clasps, and has a handmade quiver full of arrows on his back.

Props: Both figures are seated on a handmade "stone" bench made of wood, surrounded by handmade rose bushes.

Height: 37 cm (14 1/2")

March/June 2004

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