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The Model

Degas has gone for a break, so one of his models takes a look at what he's been doing.

Media: Head, arms and legs of Super Sculpey, on a wire armature, with a cloth body. She has auburn mohair pulled back into a bun. She wears white stockings, pink leather ballet slippers tied with silk ribbons. Her skirt is layers of fine white cotton with a pinked edge. The bodice is white cotton. She wears a blue ribbon tied around her waist.

Props: Pastel sketch is by Marianne. It's tacked to a board leaning against a handmade wooden bench. More sketches litter the floor. Boxes of pastels are made from thin wood and pieces of pencil crayon lead. The artist's lunch is handmade of Sculpey III and lies on the end of the bench.

Height: 38 cm (15")

August 1999

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