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Think of Me

When the star soprano suddenly and inexplicably loses her voice, the lovely Christine must take her place for the opening performance of Hannibal Triumphant in the "Phantom of the Opera".

Media: Head, shoulders, arms and legs of Super Sculpey, on a wire armature, with a cloth body. Hairdo of long red mohair curled on knitting needles. She wears an elaborate skirt of red, blue, black and gold, with layers of fringes and metallic trims. Four pointed floral panels hang over the skirt. Her red girdle is printed cotton, beaded and edged with golden trims. Her bodice is red and green velveteen edged with gold trim.

Props: She carries a long red, blue, and green, fringed scarf with metallic accents.

Height: approx 43 cm (17")

June 1995

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