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Poor Cinderella

The girl takes a short rest on some storage crates while sweeping out the cellar. Her only friends are some mice and lizards who romp across the pumpkin, which will soon become her magic coach.

Media: Head, hands and feet of Super Sculpey, on a wire armature with cloth body. She has brown mohair, under a limp white cotton bonnet. She wears a tattered olive skirt with several patches. Her apron is from an old disintegrating cotton pillowcase. She wears a pale print blouse, a cream fringed shawl, and a white cotton mob hat with purple silk ribbon.

Props: She sits on a handmade wooden crate, and holds a broom made from a dowel and some dried roots. The pumpkin is sculpted with orange Sculpey III over a foil base. The mice and salamanders are sculpted from Sculpey III over wire armatures.

Height: 33 cm (13") seated

February 1993
(First in Series of Three)

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