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The "greatest swordsman who ever lived", teams up with Willow to save the baby Elora Danon from the forces of the evil queen Bavmorda. He dons the royal armour he finds in the abandoned castle keep, and prepares to single-handedly fight General Kaal and his entire army.

Media: Head and hands of Super Sculpey on a wire armature with a cloth body. He has long brown human hair with two thin braids. He is wearing black pants and shirt under his armour. Beige suede boots. The chain mail is knit from black crochet cotton, spray-painted silver. The plate armour is tooled from sheet copper, and then spray-painted gold.

Props: The sword has a fine hardwood blade painted silver, with a sculpted handle painted black and gold.

Height: 46 cm (18")

Award: 1993 - First Prize - Booker Award for Best Original Doll at First Canadian Doll Convention

May 1993

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