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Giant with Thorn

Having been abandoned by his horse, the knight cowers in fear under the log on which the giant sits. But there is no real danger: the giant is preoccupied with removing the giant thorn in his toe.

Media: Head, hands, and feet of Super Sculpey, on a wire armature, with a cloth body. Brown mohair hair and eyebrows. Both his brown pants and tattered shirt have been patched with tiny clothes that he's taken off someone's clothesline. He does not have shoes, but wraps his feet with tattered rags. He wears an old vest with a fur collar. He wears a neckpiece of wooden beads and turkey neck bones meant to represent the skulls of some of the wild animals he's captured and eaten.

Props: The knight is entirely of Super Sculpey, over a wire armature, and hides under a driftwood log.

Height: 33 cm (13") seated

September 1993
(First in a Series of Three)

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