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The Lakon Nai

A traditional Thai dancer decked out in red, gold and purple.

Media: Head, arms and legs of tinted Super Sculpey, on a wire armature, with a cloth body. She has a headdress of stuffed gold lame "donuts" embellished with gold filigree and beads. She has bare feet, and wears gold ankle bracelets of beads and bells. Her skirt is pink and purple silk brocade with gold edges and fringe. Her bodice is orange silk with gold dots. She wears a stiff bodice cover of different gold embroidered flowers, hand sewn and beaded with a gold trim edge. Her belt is made of assorted gold trims. her girdle is orange silk with gold trim and embellished in front with gold jewelry findings. She has a cloak of red tulle with gold spots and trim. She wears bracelets of beads and bells.

Height: 46 cm (18")

September 1997

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