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Beauty & the Beast

Beauty sat in the garden, playing her lute and dreaming of home. The Beast leaned close, not daring to touch her, and asked as he did every evening, "Beauty, will you marry me?"

Media: Both figures have heads, hands and feet of Super Sculpey, on a wire armature, with cloth bodies. Beauty has brown mohair hairdo with curls and a bun in back with blue silk ribbons. She wears a dress with a light blue brocade underskirt, and a cyan blue overskirt, both trimmed with blue, cream and pink. Her bodice is cyan brocade with a pink and cream brocade stomacher. She has large puffed top sleeves, and light blue striped lower sleeves. The dress has a wide white lace-edged collar. Beauty holds a handmade painted wooden lute.

Beast has hair of rabbit fur glued carefully up to the edges of his sculpted face. He has dark pants, and wears a tunic of dark blue brocade trimmed with wine and gold. He has gray lower sleeves, and several puffed top sleeves. He has a purple brocade cape.

Props: Both figures sit on a "stone" bench made of wood, in a garden with handmade fabric rose bushes.

Height: 41 cm (16")

January-September 1997

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