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After another battle to defend his beloved Camelot, the legendary King rests on a stump near the fire, and shares his vision of a kingdom governed by justice and generosity, and protected by the most noble order of chivalric knights.

Media: Head, hand, glove, leg armour of Super Sculpey, on a wire armature with a cloth body. Brown mohair beard and hair. Glove and boots painted with "silver pulver". Wearing black pants, hand-knit chain mail of crochet cotton spray-painted silver. Tunic of red and magenta cotton with a dragon painted and embroidered on the front. Brown leather belts with gold and silver studs.

Props: His sword is a metal letter opener. Helmet and glove on ground made of Super Sculpey painted with "silver pulver". Glove cuffs are of leather with studs, painted silver. Helmet has rd and magenta cotton streamers with gold painted edges. He is sitting on a driftwood stump.

Height: 36 cm (14")

October 1997

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