Ajax Library - Participated in Doll display
Nov 2003 – January 2004
May 2001 (CDAA)
October 2000 (CDAA)

"Artistic Impressions Show"
One-of-a-kind Video No-Show, Charlton, MA
Spring 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001

CDAA Annual Conference, Show & Sale
Fort Erie, ON Canada, 2005
Fort Erie, ON Canada, 2004
Niagara Falls, Canada, 2003
Niagara Falls, Canada, 2002
Toronto, ON Canada, 2001,
Slide Presentation: "History in the Making"
Ottawa, ON Canada, 2000

Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival (Toronto Convention Centre)
Participated in CDAA display, Oct. 14-17, 2004 Participated in CDAA display, Oct 2003

Doll, Bears & Dollhouse Miniatures
Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
2004 – Feb 14
2003 – Feb 15, and Nov 22

Fantastic Fantasies On-line Show
March 2004, 2003

Intarnational Doll Art - Hellman Gallery Chicago
Oct. 2-3, 2004
May 1-2, 2004
May 3-4, 2003 and Oct 13-14, 2003
Mar.31 - April1, 2001 and Nov. 3-4, 2001
April 14 - 15 ,2000 and Sept. 30 - Oct 1, 2000

Maple Leaf Doll Club Annual Doll Show
Cambridge, ON, Sept. 9, 2002
Cambridge, ON, Sept. 9, 2001
Cambridge, ON, Sept. 10, 2000

Niagara Heritage Doll Club Doll Show
Guest Artists - St. Catharines, ON, June 4, 2000

Plaid Tidings Christmas Show
Branksome Hall, Toronto, Nov. 18, 2001

The Poetry of Dolls. The Albuquerque Experience - Albuquerque, NM
April 13 - May 17, 2000

Timeless Treasures Doll Show & Sale
Mississauga, ON, Nov. 19, 2000

The Toronto Doll Show
Thornhill Community Center, April 24, 2005
Civic Garden Centre, March 27, 2004

"Walk with Us" Show
Gallery showing by Creative Doll Artists - Not Just Another Doll Club at The Kent Farndale Gallery (Port Perry), Feb 5-Mar 2, 05

Special Events

Timeless Treasures:
The Story of Dolls in Canada

Canadian Museum of Civilization
Ottawa/Hull Canada - Feb. 2000 - March 2003

Canadian Doll Artist Association Poster
Saskia - Nov. 2000

Ronald McDonald Paediatric Playroom
Ajax & Pickering General Hospital
Feb. 1997 - Painted Medieval Murals on all 4 walls


CDAA Conference
May 2003
Best in Show - Musketeer
First Prize - Cloth Realism - Musketeer
First Prize - Cloth Character - Santa/Chickadees
Second Prize - Cloth Fantasy - Cinderella"

May 2000
Best in Show - Gnome on Dragon
First Prize - Polymer Clay - Emily Carr
First Prize - Fantasy Doll - Wizard on Fish
First Prize - Mixed Media - Gnome on Dragon"

Santa Fe Doll Art
First Prize 1997 - Original doll, direct sculpting -Saskia
First Prize 1996 - Original doll, direct sculpting - Leonardo da Vinci

First Canadian Doll Convention
First Prize - Booker Award for Best Original Doll - Madmartigan

Mary Phillips Memorial Award for Excellence in Design of Display.
Cambridge Doll Show
Sept. 10, 2000


Art Doll Quarterly
Spring 2005
Feature Article Raven Steals the Sun by Martha Boers pg 45-50 Raven Steals the Sun
Autumn 2004
Feature Article on CDAA: A Feast For the Eyes. The CDAA 5th Annual Celebration Doll Conference by Ev Scott pg 66-70 includes Emily Carr, Round Robin
Winter 2004
Article on CDAA 2003 Conference showing, cloth Musketeer, The Falcon, Almost Ready for the Ball, and Picaso Santa

Contemporary Doll Collector
August 2004
Article Commissioned Dolls, pg 38, Anne and Elizabeth
April/May 2004
Feature Article A Story of Talent, Compatibility, and Individuality, pg. 42-47, Wendellin, Buccaneer, Defender of the Dragon Egg, Cinderella, Feed the Birds, Mrs Noah, Gone Fishing, Prince John, Thomas Beauchamp, Fairies on Mushroom and Mucketeer
August/September 2003
Theme Forest Folk, pg. 35, The Acorn Cart
April/May 2003
Theme Mother and Child, pg. 43, Anne and Elizabeth
February/March 2003
Theme Ladies of Fashion, pg. 19, Queen Elizabeth I and Anna Karenina
September 2002
Theme At the Ballet, pg 25-26, The Model and Command Performance
February 2001
Gallery Section - pg 50, Mrs. Noah
July 2000
Gallery Section, pg 46, Nicolette
Aug/Sept 1995
Feature Article - Sister Act by Elizabeth Philips Shaw, pg 90 - 93, 109

Mrs Noah

Feed the Birds

The Model


Queen Elizabeth II

DOLLS Magazine
May 2004
COVER, Theme: Maternal matters pg 41 The Christening of Princes Aurora
August 2003
Theme Summer Sensations, pg. 52, Gone Fishing
June/July 2003
Theme Forever Friends, pg. 68, Mrs Noah
February 2003
Theme Expressions of Ebony, pg 72, Persian Princess
February 2002
Article Romancing the Doll pg 50-51, Beauty & the Beast
November 2001
Feature Article and COVER (Rapunzel) Sister Act by Pune Dracker, pg 46-48.
September 2001
Article An Age of Elegance pg 55-57, Comtesse d'Artois
May 2001
Theme Article Once Upon a Time pg 63, Scherezade
March 2001
Theme Article Young at Heart - He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
January, 2001
Article Ladies of Distinction pg 52-53, Marie Therese


Rapunzel cover

Queen Elizabeth

Gone Fishing

Marie Therese

Doll Reader
August 1997
Santa Fe Highlights pg 38-46, The Picnic.
May 1996
Feature Article Northern Stars by Ann Bahar, pg 90-93

BOOKS by Susanna Oroyan
Finishing The Figure - May 2001
Photos of: Lakon Nai pg 84, Butterfly Monarch pg 114, Gnome on Dragon pg 123, Georgia O’Keeffe pg 138.
Designing The Doll - Feb. 1999
photo of Arthur pg 57 and photo of Sinbad pg 21.

King Arthur

Leonardo DaVinci

Monarch Fairy


Gnome on Dragon

Other Publications

Black Dolls, Proud , Bold & Beautiful by Nayda Rondon
Photo and story pg 32-33 - Moor

Doll Castle News
Article 2004 Jan/Feb issue
Feature Article Dolls of Distinction created by Martha & Marianne,
by R. Lane Herron, pg 49-52(back cover) Princess of Persia, Autumn, Spring, The King's Musketeer, Gnome on Dragon II, Mrs. Noah, Charlemagne, Alissa Queen of Carthage, Defender of the Dragon Egg
January 2004

Durham Parent
Article Pediatric Care. It isn’t what it used to be
Painted fantasy wall murals for the childrens playroom. Aug. 1997

News Advertiser
The News Advertiser - Article The Right Medicine. Hospital Playroom a Prescription for Happy, Healing Children Photo of mural painted for children's playroom pg 23, Mar. 1997

Pasatiempo, Santa Fe’s Weekly Arts & Entertainment Magazine
Article Beyond Barbie - photo Injured Dragon and The Jimson Weed
April 1999

Soft Dolls & Animals
Gallery Section pg 56, Cinderella, Musketeer
Aug. 2004

The Canadian Doll Journal
Article Martha and Marianne Boers Original Doll Artists by Evelyn Strahlendorf pg 3-5, Nov/Dec 1995

The Doll by Contemporary Artists by Krystyna Goddu and Wendy Lavitt
Story and photo Leonardo da Vinci. pg 34-36. 1995/96

The Doll Sourcebook by Argie Manolis
Fall 1996, Artists Listing pg. 111

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